Story and Mission

We're nonprofit people - founders, philanthropists, board members, volunteers and advocates - and experienced tech execs who care deeply about the world and the organizations that are changing it for the better.
Our mission is to unlock the potential of nonprofits to solve the world's problems. We build holistic, modern solutions that enable nonprofits to optimize resources and maximize impact through establishing strong, meaningful connections with their community.
Next Generation Technology

Built for the Modern Non-Profit

Since 2020, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with nonprofit leaders to reimagine technology specifically for nonprofits and their communities.

First Generation Non-Profit Solutions

Built before the cloud and mobile phones existed

Second Generation Non-Profit Solutions

Repurposed corporate platforms designed for transactional workflows

Next Generation Non-Profit Solutions

Intuitive, mobile-ready platform built specifically for nonprofit use

Adam Miller

Co-Founder & CEO
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Leadership Team
Karen Gift
Ali Tahmasbi
Leadership Team
Karen Gift
Ali Tahmasbi
Founders’ story
Instil was founded by Adam Miller and Kirsten Helvey in 2020. After 15 years together building Cornerstone OnDemand into a multi-billion dollar cloud computing company to help educate the world, they channeled their expertise toward building a modern tech platform to revolutionize the nonprofit space.

Social impact has always been a priority for both Adam and Kirsten. Even while running Cornerstone, Adam founded and scaled several nonprofits, from local charities like to national organizations like FARE to international nonprofits like Team Rubicon. Kirsten worked closely with the Cornerstone Foundation and was on the board of Junior Achievement of Southern California.
Having one foot in the tech world and the other in the nonprofit world gave them a very unique perspective. They saw firsthand how nonprofits were stuck on an unfair playing field–forced to use systems that were never built for them, outdated or incomplete–while the corporate world got the latest, greatest technology. They joined forces once again to even the playing field and make a positive impact in the nonprofit world, one mission at a time.
Backed by

Charles River Ventures

CRV is one of the nation’s oldest and most successful early-stage venture capital firms. Since 1970, the firm has invested in more than 500 startups at their most crucial stages, including Airtable, DoorDash, Dropbox, Hubspot, Kong, Ring, Twitter and Zendesk.


Greycroft is a leading venture capital firm managing in excess of $1 billion and has made over 150 investments since inception in leading companies including Acorns, Braintree, Buddy Media, Huffington Post, Maker Studios, Scopely, Thrive Market, Trunk Club, Venmo.
Team culture & values

Instil's Committed Team

Just as important as the product we're building are the people who build it. We're carefully bringing together an experienced, diverse, and empathetic team that represents the best of the tech and nonprofit worlds.
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